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1. Terminology

1.1. “Booking” means the booking of a Ride

1.2 “Driver” means the person who will be responsible of driving the passenger his drop-off place

1.3 “Drop-offlocation” is the final destination of the passengers

1.4 “Passengers” means the person(s) means person who is using the service

2. What We Will Do

2.1. After booking your trip we will provide our trip-providers weather employed by our company or third parties the details of your booking details

2.2. We will provide you with the contact details of the  24/7 call center and the driver

2.3. We will ensure that the driver arrives on time and to the right place and In-case of any “proven delays” accompanied with evidence, we will be Investigate in the case and process a full refund to the customer.

3. What You Will Need To Do

3.1. Book your ride through the website, call center or one of our desks located everywhere around Egypt.

3.2. Comply with all applicable laws when using the Services and You must not use the Services for unlawful purposes and you must be respectful to the Trip Provider responsible and you cannot contact the Trip Provider responsible for any other purposes rather than the service.

3.3. Check your booking details and make sure that all the details are correct  including the Full Name, Phone Number, Pick-Up location, Drop-Off location and your E-mail address.

3.4. You must ensure that the pickup time is correct and that you will go out at this time and In-case of any flight delays or anything beyond your control, our driver will adjust his timing and he will wait you free of charge.

3.5. All Passengers are fit to travel and the Trip-Provider reserves the right to refuse to perform the Services to any person who is considered unfit to travel, or who is abusive, intoxicated, underage, or if carriage of any such Passengers and / or luggage would cause the Driver or Trip Provider to be in breach of any applicable laws, traffic and / or road safety regulations, or may damage the Vehicle.

4. Waiting Time and Cancellation

4.1. For all Airport Transfer bookings the driver will wait for the Passengers for up to 60 minutes from the time of the arrival of the flight and under some circumstances where the Terminal is crowded the waiting time can be extended for 75 minutes from the time of the arrival of the flight. Exceeding the waiting time may lead to extra charge of 5$ for every30 minutes. Upon departure, our drivers will wait by the pick-up point (e.g. Hotel/Apartment/Address) a maximum of 20 minutes after the published pick-up time. If you request the Driver to wait beyond those times, please note that a waiting fee might be charged directly by the Driver. If you do not want to pay the waiting fee, the driver holds the right to leave. Unused transfers are not refundable and alternative transport costs will not be reimbursed.

4.2. If you can’t find the driver at the airport or address, you are not sure about the meeting point, or there is any inconvenience, contact your Driver. If you are not able to reach the Driver, call our Customer Service Center numbers

4.3.  We are not not responsible for mistakes made on the booking by the Client, please always compare your booking details with the confirmation receipt of your Driver.

4.4.  WE ARE NOT liable for damages resulting to the customer including delays caused by waiting time on the airport, damages caused by missing any possible transfers and connections, connecting flights or damages/missing any personal items or if and to the extent that WE ALWAYS  demonstrates our employees and Trip providers to take measures to prevent the damages.

4.5. Unused transfers are not refundable and alternative transport costs will not be reimbursed unless pre-authorization has been made by a Customer Service Representative team. If authorized to take alternative transport, please ensure that you obtain a receipt and submit it to our Customer Service Center for review. No payment will be due for travel expense claims submitted without valid receipts.

4.6. Any changes to the booking details (e.g. flights, delays, address, pickup time, number of passengers or suitcases) on the transfer details must be made through our Call Center / Email / Office

4.7. You are free to cancel your transportation service up to 3 hours prior to your flight landing time “Free Of Charge” without any cost. If You cancel a Booking later than the applicable time referred to above, the Booking will be charged in full regardless of whether the Ride has been made.

4.8.  We have the right to cancel the Booking or terminate these Terms or the Services upon limited or immediate notice in any circumstances

4.9. f the Client doesn’t need the transfer on the date and time added on the reservation, it is always possible to ask our Customer Support Team to reschedule the date/time of the transfer and we will will do our best to find a driver for the modified booking. It will always depend on availability.

4.10. If any Passenger wishes to change the Pick-up location or Drop-off location, date, time, or Vehicle category, You must amend Your Booking prior to the time specified by us in the Booking process or in the Booking confirmation.

4.11. If it is not possible to reach the customer because of a not provided an operational mobile number at the time of booking, or a poor connection, no signal, activated voicemail, the call is unanswered and there are no emails or messages received/answered by the customer then It will be considered as customer no-show and It will be charged in full.

4.12. Any cancellation of the service must be made in writing, by email or phone addressed to our Customer Service and refund will be processed within 30 days.